Helena Taberna began her career in the visual arts as Coordinator of New Technologies for the Government of Navarre. During this period, she alternated between educational videos and creative pieces, documentaries and shorts. In 1994 she abandoned the civil service to work exclusively in writing scripts and producing audiovisual works. During this period, she has received a number of awards.

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Yoyes is based on a true story, yet it is not a documentary. It is a work of fiction, a recreation of the life of Yoyes, depicted as a contemporary and universal tragedy. In my film "Busto de un poeta" [Bust of a Poet], I included as an epilogue a quote by the poet José Ángel Valente, which stated: "To speak of life itself is to fully enter the realm of fiction." I concur with Valente in that all biographies are fiction, and nevertheless, I take great care to portray the truth in my work. I think that when taking on a biography, it is very important for the working materials to be authentic. If the stone is authentic, you can shape it any way you like, even if the stone is hard. I have always done my best to make the stone serving as the foundation of my film be authentic.



"Yoyes". 35 mm. Feature film. 1999

"Herrikolore". 16 mm. Video clip. 1996.

"Nerabe". 16 mm. Short film. 1995.

"Alsasua 1936". 35 mm. Medium-length film. 1994.

"87 cartas de amor [87 love letters]". 35 mm. Short film. 1992.


"La mujer de Lot [Lot's Wife]"
"Busto de un Poeta [Bust of a Poet]"
"De tierra al Peregrino [From Land to the Pilgrim]"
"Sueños de Amor perdido [Dreams of love lost]"
"Emiliana de Zubeldia"
"Recuerdos del 36 [Memories of '36]"
"Hamabost urte [Fifteen Years]"



23rd International Film Festival of Bahia. Brazil
Best script for "Alsasua 1936"
Elche International Independent Film Festival
Best Male Performance by Fernando Guillén Cuervo for "Alsasua 1936"
Second prize. Best film on 35 mm for "Alsasua 1936"
Second prize. Best film on video for "Nerabe"

Navarre Film Festival
Best producer in Navarre for "Emiliana de Zubeldia"
Emakunde Awards. Vitoria.
Honorable Mention for "Emiliana de Zubeldia"

Emakunde awards. San Sebastián.
Best video creation for "La mujer de Lot [Lot's Wife]"

National Educational Video Festival. Madrid 1989.
Award for "Andelos"





I would like to express my desire to collaborate with Helena Taberna on her film YOYES with my sculpture "Conjunción ternaria, uno sobre dos [Conjuction of Three, One over Two]", which has recently been placed in Ordizia as a tribute to Lekuona, Yoyes and Sarriegi.

These three photos are available in high-definition format (150 ppi). Just click on any of them.