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Coming from eight different countries, the selected titles include the new works by Helena Taberna, Anahí Berneri, Emiliano Torres, Niles Atallah and Beatriz Seigner, among others.


The San Sebastián International Film Festival has announced the fourteen projects programmed for presentation at the eleventh edition of the Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum. Coming from eight countries, these have been selected from among the 194 works submitted. This year’s edition will run on 19, 20 and 21 September, again in the traditional physical format, at the San Telmo Museum.

The projects will vie for the Best Project Award (€10,000 for the majority producer of the winning project), the DALE! – Desarrollo América Latina-Europa Award (granted by the European Film Agency Directors (EFAD) and by the Conference of Ibero-American Audiovisual and Cinematographic Authorities (CAACI), coming with €20,000 for the majority producer of the winning work) and the ArteKino International Award (given by ARTE, consisting of €6,000 euros for the majority producer of the winning project).

This year’s selection includes the new works by Spanish filmmaker Helena Taberna (who has already shown her previous works Yoyes and The Good News in the festival’s Zinemira and Made in Spain sections), as well as Argentinian directors Anahí Berneri and Emiliano Torres, who have already participated in the festival’s Golden Shell competition with Aire libre and Alanis, and with El invierno, respectively. Other selected filmmakers are Chile’s Niles Attalah (Rey [+]), Brazil’s Beatriz Seigner (Los Silencios [+]), Argentina’s Clarisa Navas (One in a Thousand [+]), Costa Rica’s Sofía Quirós Úbeda (Land of Ashes [+]) and Colombia’s Juan Sebastián Mesa (Los nadie, The Rust [+]), whose previous works had already been co-produced with European countries, and had made their respective splashes at the most important international film festivals.

The selected projects:

Bajo el mismo sol – Ulises Porra (Dominican Republic)
Production: Wooden Boat Productions

Inspection on Earth (Inspección en la tierra) – Mariano Luque (Argentine)
Production: El carro

The General’s Daughter (La hija del general) – Rodrigo Ruiz Patterson (Mexico)
Production: La Corriente del Golfo México S.A.

The Fire Doll (La muñeca de fuego) – Niles Atallah (Chile/France)
Production: Globo Rojo Films

Condensed Milk (Leche condensada) – Anahí Berneri (Argentina)
Production: Dukkah Producciones

Lovers Go Home! – Juan Sebastián Mesa (Colombia/France)
Production: Rhayuela Films

Madre pájaro – Sofía Quirós Úbeda (Costa Rica/Argentina)
Production: Sputnik Films S.A.

To Die on Your Feet (Morir de pie) – María Paz González (Chile/Argentina)
Production: Audiovisual Don Quijote Films Ltda

Us (Nosotros) – Helena Taberna (Spain)
Production: Lamia Producciones Audiovisuales, S.L.

Rona – Emiliano Torres (Argentina/Italy)
Production: Gaman Cine

They Burn in the Same Way (Se queman de la misma forma) – Clarisa Navas (Argentina)
Production: Gentil Cine

Six Months in the Pink and Blue Building (Seis meses en el edificio rosa con azul) – Bruno Santamaría Razo (Mexico)
Production: Ojo de Vaca S. de R.L.

Todo el mundo – Agustina San Martín (Argentina)
Production: Vega Cine SRL

The Blue Flamingo (Voo do flamingo) – Beatriz Seigner (Brazil/France)
Production: Abrolhos Filmes


David González. Cineuropa. 12/08/2022