The Good News

Helena Taberna (2008)

Feature film

A young priest arrives in his first assignment to a small parish serving a working-class village in the north of Spain in 1936. He is a witness of the military uprising that precipitates the Spanish Civil War and, moved by his faith, he stands up to defend his people. From the beginning of the war, the village where the young protagonist arrives remains within the area of the Francoist military insubordinates. It soon becomes a top target of repression for being considered as a “red village”. The loneliness haunting him brings Miguel close to Margari, a young schoolteacher, whose husband was killed by the fascists. Margari becomes the only shelter in the path of Miguel’s helpless fight, as well as the only aid to offset his deep disappointment.

Based on a real story, the fi lm portrays how the young priest commits himself to stand by his parishioners and how he denounces from the pulpit and before the Catholic Hierarchy the atrocities being committed on behalf of the Gospel (written of as a Holy Crusade) to the extent that he will risk his own life in the name of Christ.


Miguel – Unax Ugalde

Margari –  Bárbara Goenaga

Hugo – Gorka Aginagalde

Antonino – Guillermo Toledo

Bishop – Joseba Apaolaza

Falangist Captain – Mikel Tello

Resu – Maribel Salas

Clara – Klara Badiola

Young Falangist – Erik Probanza

Accordionist – Fernando Ruiz

Priest – Rodrigo S. de Heredia


Director: Helena Taberna

Executive producer: Iker Ganuza

Scriptwriters: Helena Taberna y Andrés Martorell                                                                                                                                    

Composer: Ángel Illarramendi

Line producer: Javier Arsuaga

Production manager: Mikel Huércanos

Director of photography: Gonzalo Berridi

Art Director: Peio Villalba

Editor: Nino Martinez Sosa

Sound: Pablo Bueno

Technical specifications

Feature film

Colour / 35 mm

Runtime: 95 MINUTOS

Sound: 5.1 / DOLBY

Aspect ratio: 1:1,85