Foreign women

Helena Taberna (2003)

Feature documentary

Foreign women is a feature documentary that focuses on immigrant women in Spain. Given the vast size of this subject, here we concentrate on the biggest groups of immigrant women living in today’s Madrid: African (Senegalese, Maghribians, Sudanese), Latin-American (Colombian, Peruvian, Equadorian, Dominican) and Asian women (Chinese, Bengalese).

The phenomenon of immigration has become an everday subject of today’s media. This is a highly complex subject, affecting fields as widely differing as economy, religion or politics, and covering a great many situations according to the environment in which the immigrants set up home, with a multitude of variables depending on their origin, their race… but also their sex.

The aim of this document is obviously not to cover each and every aspect of the different situations, given the impossibility of such a task, but it does give us a good idea of the truth of these particular women, their lives and their hopes.


Director: Helena Taberna

Executive producer: Iker Ganuza

Scriptwriter: Helena Taberna

Documentation: Charo Martínez Pomar  y Helena Taberna

Director of photography: Federico Ribes

Editor: Tiago Herbert

Composer: Ángel Illarramendi y Afrika Lisanga

Technical specifications

Feature documentary

Colour / Digital HD / 35 mm.

Runtime: 75 min.

Sound: 5.1 / DOLBY DIGITAL

Aspect ratio: 1:1,85